On the Shelf: Mexican 7Up and Mexican Squirt Glass Bottles

Mexican Squirt and 7Up Glass Bottles

Looking for 12 oz glass bottles of sugar-sweetened 7Up and Squirt? This 7-Eleven in Chicago has ‘em!

Can Holiday: Cinco De Mayo – May 5

2003 Squirt Grapefruit Soda Can from Mexico

It’s Cinco De Mayo, and to celebrate we dig into the archives to find a 2003 Squirt Grapefruit Soda Can from Mexico!

News: Dr Pepper Snapple Group rolls out the “Legacy” Bottle

7Up Legacy Bottle

Dr Pepper Snapple Group introduces the “Legacy” bottle as a replacement for their current 20 oz. shape, used for brands in the company’s portfolio that do not have their own brand-specific bottle designs.

Update: Ruby Red Squirt

Ruby Red Squirt (2011)

Ruby Red Squirt has been redesigned to reflect the new logo look & feel rolled out for the flagship drink in late 2010. We’re not fans.

Design Review: Squirt

Fresca and Fanta Grapefruit

Guest reviewer Tim Lapetino is a brand strategist and designer at Hexanine. Today he takes a look at a recent beverage packaging reboot. Dr Pepper Snapple Group has recently given its flagship citrus beverage, Squirt, a facelift, and we’re going to look at the new look from a package design perspective. Did DPSG meet its […]

Review: Squirt Citrus Power

Squirt Citrus Power

Squirt Citrus Power is a enjoyable citrus soda/energy drink hybrid. The increase in caffeine, addition of taurine and B vitamins, and unique grapefruit taste make this a nice addition to the market. The familiarity of the brand and intentional courting of the casual beverage fan could be very positive for this flavor extension.

Review: Ruby Red Squirt

Ruby Red Squirt

The original Squirt rolled out in 1938, facing the Great Depression. A man named Herb Bishop came up with the idea of a soft drink that used less sugar. This drink seemed to “squirt” into your mouth, like a freshly squeezed grapefruit. Hence the name, Squirt. The drink took off during World War II because […]