Review: Tava Mediterranean Fiesta

Tava Mediterranean Fiesta

Tava is basically a fruit-flavored soft drink from Pepsi, marketed as a nutrient-enhanced sparkling beverage. The branding and design position it as a drink ideal for those living a health/wellness lifestyle, and the “0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 caffeine” seems to support that. For a diet drink sweetened with aspertame and Ace-K, the Mediterranean Fiesta flavor actually wasn’t too bad!

Coming Soon: Tava


Tava is a new fruit drink beverage from Pepsi to be released in Fall 2007. Slated to contain “good for you” stuff like vitamins B3, B6 and E, and chromium. Flavors to include Brazilian Samba, Caribbean Calypso, Mediterranean Muse, and Malaysian Satori.