Update: Hawaiian Punch design, formula refreshed

Hawaiian Punch - New Design

Hawaiian Punch has undergone a design makeover, refreshing the look of their packaging as well as their iconic mascot, Punchy.

Update: Diet Pepsi Max

Diet Pepsi Max

Pepsi has redesigned the packaging for Diet Pepsi Max, which we first reviewed in June 2007. Check out the new look!

Update: Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew Game Fuel - Official Image

While we have already extensively reviewed Mountain Dew Game Fuel… and found it to be lacking, that hasn’t stopped the marketing machine from kicking into full gear.
Pepsi has released an official press release about the new beverage… and it’s funny to see what they talk about vs. what they don’t talk about. (Hint: It’s not about the drink!)

Update: Diet Coke Plus

Here’s an update on Diet Coke Plus… per a recent newspaper article, the folks over at Coke pretty much admit that “the soda isn’t expected to be a top seller but they believe it will help revive interest in the Diet Coke trademark.” Interesting strategy.

Coming Soon Update: Diet Pepsi Max

Pepsi tosses out this press release with some sort of made-up “research” justifying the existence for their new offering, Diet Pepsi Max. Big push on the “ginseng” and “more caffeine” angles.

Update: Jones Soda Cream Soda (Pure Cane Soda Version)

Clarification regarding Jones Soda’s use of the term “inverted cane sugar” from an e-mail sent by a reader with a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry.

Coming Soon Update: Diet Coke Plus

Official press release from Coke about Diet Coke Plus: “Coca-Cola North America today announced it will launch Diet Coke Plus™, a sparkling, calorie-free beverage with vitamins and minerals. In addition to providing great, refreshing taste, Diet Coke Plus is a good source of vitamins B3, B6, and B12, and the minerals zinc and magnesium.”

Returning Update: Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke will soon return as Coke does an odd thing and actually “reintroduces” a beverage they phased out a few years ago. How weird it that?

Coming Soon Update: Diet Coke Plus

Diet Coke Plus - Official Image

The look of the packaging has been released for Diet Coke Plus. Style is very retro-1970s, which is an interesting departure for Coke.

Update: Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

Not really a soft drink review, but more of a marketing update, we talk about how the packaging of Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper has been updated to reflect the new look found in the rest of the line.