Review: Surge (2014)

Surge (2014)

It arrived in the 90′s. Challenged Mountain Dew. Failed. Grew a rabid fanbase. Now Surge returns 12 years after being discontinued. Is the fuss worth it?

News: Coke settles lawsuits regarding Fanta Pineapple, Vault Zero

Apparently there was something not-so-good in bottles of Fanta Pineapple and Vault Zero before September 2006. Beware of the benzene!

Review: Vault Red Blitz

Vault Red Blitz

Not as acidic and biting as Mountain Dew Code Red, Vault Red Blitz is mellow and shares similar properties with original Vault. Unfortunately, the berry flavor is substantially weak and not very noticeable during our beverage review.

Coming Soon: Vault Red Blitz

Vault Red Blitz - Official Image

Coke shoots another shot across the bow of Pepsi’s dominating Mountain Dew by announcing Vault Red Blitz, following their somewhat successful launch of Vault. Should Mountain Dew Code Red be worried?

Coming Soon: Vault Zero

Vault Zero - Official Image

Coming Soon… a diet version of Coke’s Vault, thus stepping up the war between Mountain Dew and its new rival. Vault Zero also carries a brand consistent with Coke’s new “Zero” campaign.

Review: Vault


In December 2004, word started leaking that Coke was about to launch a new competitor to Mountain Dew (following up Surge and various Mello Yello relaunches). That product is called Vault, and it started being test marketed over the summer in Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. It’s been important for Coke […]

Coming Soon: Vault

Coke just doesn’t give up when it comes to trying to battle Mountain Dew. First Surge. Then all the Mello Yello flavors. The latest: Coke might launch a Mountain Dew-like drink called Vault, the newsletter Beverage Digest reported Friday. Vault would be a successor to Coke’s failed Surge, a Mountain Dew wannabe that debuted in […]