Review: Tejava Unsweetened Premium Iced Tea

Tejava Unsweetened Premium Iced Tea

Brewed from just tea and water, Tejava is light, clean, and refreshing. This unsweetened flavor isn’t bogged down by syrupy flavors or overtly sweet additives.

On the Shelf: Mexican 7Up and Mexican Squirt Glass Bottles

Mexican Squirt and 7Up Glass Bottles

Looking for 12 oz glass bottles of sugar-sweetened 7Up and Squirt? This 7-Eleven in Chicago has ‘em!

Review: Trader Joe’s Vintage Orange Cream Soda

Trader Joe's Vintage Orange Cream Soda

Starts clean, but results in a muddled aftertaste. You may need a mint to refresh your mouth after a sip.

On the Shelf: Mountain Dew 12 oz Longneck Bottles with Real Sugar

Mountain Dew 12 oz Longneck Bottles w/real sugar

BevReview reader Russell Hanson spotted these sugar-sweetened Mountain Dew glass bottles at Walmart. Of note is that these are using the 1970s/80s Dew logo, but aren’t denoted as “Throwback” items. 12 oz longneck bottles available in 4 packs.

Review: Jarritos Fruit Punch

Jarritos Fruit Punch

Fruity and clean, this is a high quality fruit punch that lays on the sweetness, without being syrupy. A great compliment to food, it doesn’t overpower, but provides a complimentary kick of flavor.

Review: Jarritos Light Tamarind

Jarritos Light Tamarind

Tamarind is a unique sweet/sour flavor. Unfortunately, when combined with artificial sweeteners, it becomes gag-inducing. You’ll want to pass on this flavor!

Review: Jarritos Light Mandarin

Jarritos Light Mandarin

Sugar free Jarritos beverages are here! However, you may want to look elsewhere for your diet orange desires.

Review: Jarritos Mexican Cola

Jarritos Mexican Cola

Jarritos Mexican Cola isn’t as good as Mexican Coke or Pepsi, but it’s an adequate real sugar option when you are looking for a cola fix!

Review: Jarritos Lime

Jarritos Lime

Sugar-sweetened Mexican soft drink with a lime flavor, complete with a unique zingy sourness and complimentary sweet taste. Thumbs up!