Review: Topo Sabores Pineapple

Topo Sabores Pineapple

A very sweet, very fake, very syrupy pineapple soda from Mexico. Keep your passport for something else.

Review: Mountain Dew Kickstart – Limeade & Black Cherry

Mountain Dew Kickstart - Limeade & Black Cherry

Limeade and Black Cherry are tasty, though with the rebooted definition of what “Kickstart” means (i.e. not just for mornings), marketplace confusion is a high probability.

Coming Soon: Mountain Dew Kickstart – Black Cherry & Limeade

Mountain Dew Kickstart - Black Cherry & Limeade

After launching their “morning Dew with juice” lineup in 2003, Pepsi is adding two new flavors to the Kickstart world: Black Cherry and Limeade. We’re skeptical.

Coming Soon: Mango Citrus Sol & Pina Sol

Mango Citrus Sol & Pina Sol

Pepsi targets the Hispanic market dominated by Jarritos, expanding their Manzanita Sol lineup with 2 new flavors: Mango Citrus Sol (mango citrus) and Pina Sol (pineapple).

Review: Tamarindo Sol

Tamarindo Sol

Savory, sweet, and sour… all at the same time. This lightly-carbonated, tamarind-flavored beverage is tasty and refreshing, though the use of more authentic ingredients would be welcomed.

Review: Manzanita Sol

Manzanita Sol

Refreshing, carbonated apple soda, with a subtle welcomed bitterness. Light, but syrupy… not as clean as Sidral Mundet. Contains no actual apple juice.

Review: Snapple SnapPunch Watermelon Punch

Snapple SnapPunch Watermelon Punch

Very sweet & fruity, with a syrupy aftertaste. This budget beverage from Snapple — part of the new SnapPunch lineup — provides a watermelon flavor that’s tasty and quenching.

Review: Mountain Dew Kickstart – Orange Citrus & Fruit Punch

Mountain Dew Kickstart - Orange Citrus & Fruit Punch

Refreshingly curious attempt to wake up your morning with juice, caffeine, and low calories. Unfortunately history, average flavor, and established sales patterns will most likely prompt failure to crack into the A.M. market, despite the powerhouse Mtn Dew name.

Review: Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

Don’t be fooled by the higher-priced “gourmet” moniker. Take away the contrived history that is such a strong part of the branding and you end up with an average root beer.

Review: Snapple SnapPunch Cherry Punch

SnapPunch Cherry Punch

Snapple’s relabeled tea/punch line aims to put a “Snap” in the competition, gearing up against other canned beverage leaders. The Cherry Punch flavor is subdued and quite good.